Freight Forwarder

When time is of the essence – air freight saves the day.

Air Freight Forwarding

Air freight has a long history. Did you know that the first air freight flight took place in 1910?

Those were the early days of air freight services. Today, air freight is irreplaceable for fast and reliable shipping.

If your business requires international transportation, you’ll need the services of an experienced air freight company. America and Europe-based clients of ADG Logistics Freight rely on air freight forwarding services for safe and accurate shipping.

we provide the most convenient, reliable, and efficient delivery at a very low cost for a lesser period all around the world. with our modern, reliable, and always present customer service, we make sure your goods reach on time without breaking the bound. due to the increasing competition, we provide the most convenient and fastest freight services at a low cost

Comprehensive and Fast Air Freight Service

If you’re looking for flexible, fast, and reliable air freight and forwarding, ADG Freight offers just that. Contact us, and we’ll help you come up with a perfect solution for your requirements for supply and distribution. We offer supplier management and vendor services for your cargo. Thanks to our strict operating procedures, we can guarantee that all your expectations are met.

Our Global Air Service offers
  • Direct services
  • Charter services
  • Consolidation services
  • Next Flight Out (NFO) services

Our Services Include Various Types of Air Freight Forwarding Services & Transport

Air freight forwarding often involves the use of commercial or passenger planes. If you’re moving lighter cargo, these planes are often your best option.

Imagine cargo that might otherwise fit into one or two trucks, only the shipment needs to be delivered internationally and fast.

You can also request air cargo shipping from us. All clients that have heavier shipments receive the benefit of aircraft without passengers.

As a ADG Freight client, you will also have the option of utilizing air charters as a form of air freight shipping.

Of all air freight services, this is the fastest and most direct option. There are no layovers or any outside interference, but it’s also the priciest service.


Why Use Air Freight Services

Do you need to work out the logistics of international air freight shipping for your business?

Sea freight might have been your first choice. While there are many advantages of sea freight, air freight transport has some undeniable benefits you should consider.

  • This might be the top-selling point of air freight forwarding. Unless we’re dealing with extreme weather, air shipping is faster than any other method of cargo transport. Even if it’s deferred air freight shipping, it’s still the quickest option available.

  • One of the significant downsides of sea freight is the frequent delays and busy seaports. If you want to avoid these issues, we recommend air freight as a solution.

  • Aircraft in charge of moving cargo is accurately scheduled. And there’s typically no stopping for refuelling. Furthermore, we make it super easy to track your shipment with air freight.

  • Do you worry about your cargo falling overboard into the ocean?

  • That’s not a concern with air freight forwarding. When it comes to the safety and security of your shipment, air shipping provides better services.

  • The cargo is much more heavily scrutinised and is much better protected from even the most minor of damages.

  • Air freight is initially more expensive than any other type of freight. However, it’s still the most cost-effective solution in the long run.

  • With all other freight shipping forms, your business might lose money on downtime and subsequently halted production.

  • Overall, air freight forwarding requires much less packaging and less time in storage. We’ll make sure that’s the case with your cargo.

  • Has it been a challenge to find a reliable air freight forwarder? UK and European business owners will receive comprehensive and fast air freight forwarding services from ADG Freight experts.

  • We’re fast, flexible, and always have a contingency plan. Our operating procedures are uncompromising, and we guarantee the promised result to our clients.